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              Spa Services

    Spa Services are designed to compliment our bath, and groom services. A $10.00 service fee will be added to all a la carte spa services.(with the exception of teethbrushing) 

Teethbrushing:       $10.00

Pedicure:     $10.00

       Includes:  Nail cutting and filing, a soothing and refreshing vanilla milk thistle bubble bath paw treatment to soften rough dry pads, and nail polish.


Teethbrushing and Pedicure:  $15.00

Bubble Bath Paw Treatment:  $5.00

      A soothing and refreshing all natural foaming soak to deep clean foot pads, and relieve dryness, and roughness. Dogs sweat only from thier foot pads, and this will do away with foot odor.(Great stress reducer!) 

Facial:      $5.00

      A soothing and relaxing tearless foaming blueberry vanilla facial scrub to help remove tear stains, and freshen unpleasant smelling faces.(Dogs love to have thier faces massaged!) Great for dogs with short muzzles!  Great stress reducer!

Full Spa Treatment:    $18.00

     Includes: Teethbrushing, Pedicure, and Facial

Full Spa Treatment without nail polish:  $16.00