Poodle Being Groomed

Standard Poodle Prices and Styles

Poodles in ChairsWe do not detangle Standard Poodles.
Standards must come in to our Salon brushed out with no tangles; or they will be SHAVED down at their scheduled groom price. No exceptions.

Dharma and GitaThis is the Miami or Bikini style cut that the lovely Dharma and Gita are wearing. The body length is 1/4 inch. The bracelets , TopKnot ,and Tail are hand scissored.

The price of this style is $140.

White PoodleThis is the Lamb style our most common cut. The legs are fuller than the body for a more elegant look. The body length can be any where from 1/4 inch to  1/2 inches. The Top Knot ,Legs ,and Tail are hand scissored.

The price of this style is $140. for comb attachment on legs. $220. for hand scissored legs.

Poodle with Groomer

We also have a style called the Kennel Clip or Shave Down which is about 1/4 in. to 3/4 in. all over. This is a low maintenance cut.

The price of this style is $110.00.

Poodle with a New Cut
Any cut 1 inch or longer on the pet's body or torso the price is $250+.

Dante the Standard Poodle